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Did you know that drinking 3 cups of juice per day can change your life?

is juicing good for weight loss?

Eating the fruit is better than drinking the juice, because the fiber (that you lose in the juice) keep you satiated for a longer time. But drinking low calories juices, like wheatgrass, are good for your health.

Breville juicer and the best juicers in the market

Have you ever heard about Breville elite juicer? This is avery great product from Breville to give you the best juicer that you need for making fresh juice that you might need every day. In this matter, you can look at Breville Elite 800JEXL that you can find easily in the market. This juicer will provide you with some great features that will give you excellent function and performance for you. Here, you will find the description about some main features offered by this juicer.

First, you will find that this Breville elite juicer needs 1000 wattages of electricity power. This might be little higher compared to other juicer that you can find. But, this will give you higher quality of performance that you want from a juicer. There are two speed controls that you can choose. They are high speed juicer machine with highest speed of thirteen thousand RPM and the lowest speed of six thousand and five hundred RPM. These speeds will be very useful for you who want to juice different vegetable or fruit. These will allow you to get fruit or vegetable juice in seconds.

Second, this Breville juicer features die-cast of the steel housing with stainless-steel of the micromesh filter and also titanium-plated of the cutting disk. This ensures the quality and durability of juicer so that you can get high performance of juicer that you need. This will be important points that you can consider when you are looking for the best product with the best functionality.

Third, you will find that this Breville elite is the best juicer comes with circular three inch of the feed tube like Brevile juicer 800jexl. This tube will accommodate the whole fruit and vegetable that you are going to juice. With this feature, you do not need to cut those materials so that you will need less time to get the juice that you want. To ensure the snug locking during the juicing time, this features locking arm bolts.

Additionally, you will be able to wash this Breville elite juicer easily since all parts except the motor are safe for dishwasher. When you buy this juicer, the pulp container and juicing pitcher are included as well as the manual and recipe books that will give you more benefits from the juicer. This will be the correct option that you should consider.

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